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#FOMO Summer in Bulgaria - three reasons to choose to spend your holiday in this country

When I lived in England, I used to hate my friends back in Bulgaria during the summer (I didn't mind them so much during other seasons!).

It's not like summer in England cannot be great too - it is actually amazing, but it's usually very VERY short!

So unsurprisingly, sitting in the office on a not so sunny August day I would often get jealous of my happy tanned friends enjoying yet another long weekend trip to the seaside.

One of the best things about Bulgaria I found is the fact that it is small in size, making most of its wonders easily accessible, keeping your #FOMO intact!

On a little more than 110,000 square kilometres Bulgaria fits in a long sea coast, a number of beautiful mountains, hundreds of mineral water springs and many picturesque villages and cities.

Bulgarian seaside

Now if you are thinking Sunny Beach straight away, please don't! There is so much more to the Bulgarian seaside.

Well, actually nothing wrong with Sunny Beach if what you are looking for is an all-day all- night party place in the sun. You will definitely have a lot of fun there! But that goes for many other resorts in Bulgaria particularly on the southern part of the sea coast (anything that's south from Burgas).

You can find a lot of luxury all-inclusive hotels, but also amazing campsites or anything in-between, such as bungalows, smaller hotels and guest houses.

I remember back in the day, we used to never book any accommodation in advance, we just took the bus or train and were met at the station by local grannies offering a room to let. You can still easily do that today although even the grannies have now listed their houses on TripAdvisor.

Apart from plenty of party areas, you can also find a lot of chilled, not too touristy spots particularly on the northern part of the coast.

So your spot on the Bulgarian coastline is definitely somewhere there, but it is important to do your research as the vibes from one place to another vary massively.

If you consider visiting the Bulgarian seaside, you can start by looking at this brochure.

Bulgarian mountains

And then there's the Bulgarian mountains! More than 30% of the country is covered in them and there is a spectacular variety of landscapes.

Of course you may have heard about skiing in Bulgaria, but you can also enjoy a great mountain trip in the summer no matter if you are an experienced hiker or just looking for a retreat in the nature.

Here's a list of some of the most popular Bulgarian mountains. They are such a landmark for locals and many people who have moved to live abroad often say the mountains are what they miss the most.

Here's a really cool song about one such case:

You can also combine your trip with visiting some of the lovely little Bulgarian villages hidden in those mountain ranges.

City and spa tourism

Starosel wine and spa complex

Bulgaria is also rich on mineral water and you can certainly enjoy a spa trip here if that is what you fancy.

There are more than 200 mineral water springs in Bulgaria, most of them situated in the southern part of the country.

Spa resorts usually have an outdoor and indoor pool and control temperature to please guests during each season. Here's a list of popular spa resorts in the country.

Another bonus is that you can combine your spa retreat with visiting some of the lively cities or picturesque villages in the country.

For example, some of the resorts in the list above are very close to the city of Plovdiv, which was European capital of culture for 2019 and indeed has an amazingly rich cultural programme all year round. It is also amazingly beautiful.

Or you can choose to visit Sofia, the country's capital, which too offers a great variety of activities in the summer - from open air gigs and cinemas to food markets and festivals.

So instead of hating your friends, just come and enjoy your summer in Bulgaria :)

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