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#FOMO Sofia - Five reasons to visit Bulgaria's capital

Updated: May 20, 2020

Find out why more and more young travelers choose to visit the city of Sofia.

I admit I can't be objective on this one as Sofia is my place of birth and I love this city so very much! Returning to Sofia after some time spent elsewhere always feels like seeing an old friend who is very dear to you or like eating that breakfast your mum used to cook for you when you were little. In other words, it just feels like home in any sense of the word.

But you most certainly don't need to be from Sofia to understand why I am so attached to it. All you need to do is pay it a visit! See below why you should consider doing so:

1. High chances of good weather

With four separate seasons, Sofia has something to offer to you no matter the time of the year you visit. And let's admit it, weather is a huge factor for how your trip goes (and I'm not just saying that because I lived in England for 10 years!).

It could get very hot in the summer months, particularly in July, so avoid it then if heat is not your thing. It could also get very cold in the winter, though it has not been that extreme in the last couple of years.

2. It is the right size.

And it matters! Especially for someone with #fomo who wants to make sure he or she visits all the important historic landmarks, but also knows where the fun is happening!

You can easily walk through the city centre and see the best bits on foot, which goes very well with the good weather I promised you ;)

Make sure you check out Free Sofia Tour if you haven't been to Sofia yet as it is good fun and covers some of Sofia's best landmarks.

3. Great buzz day and night

You can truly enjoy this city 24 hours especially during the summer when many young people tend to stay outside in the evening instead of visiting indoor bars and pubs.

Parks and gardens do not get locked in Sofia, so in warm evening they get filled with people, creating a unique atmosphere, which I haven't experienced in another capital city.

But if sitting on a bench with a beer in hand is not your thing, don't worry - there are plenty of great bars and restaurants with indoor and outdoor space (I'll do a separate post on that!)

There are also many festivals happening in Sofia, such as the A to Jazz Festival, which is free to attend and I highly recommend it.

4. Amazing food

Traditional Bulgarian food always tastes like your grandma made it and it is simply worth every calorie.

From freshly baked banitza for breakfast (something like a cheese pie but much better) to refreshing tarator (cold yogurt and cucumber soup, great for hangover!), to a great choice of vegetarian and meet dinner options- you must most certainly try them all when visiting Sofia.

And if at some point you decide you have had enough local food and fancy something different, there are more and more quality restaurants offering international cuisine in the city (a separate post on that coming soon!)

5. Mountain nearby

And if you suddenly feel like you have had enough of city life and you fancy some quite time in the nature instead, Vitosha mountain is right there on the outskirts of Sofia!

It has skiing slopes for your winter trip or great places for picnic if you decide to visit during one of the other seasons.

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