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#FOMO Lockdown- Five ways to benefit from your time at home

Updated: May 20, 2020

Or how you can still get serious FOMO symptoms even when the whole world has literally stopped.

So just like that at some point in March 2020 everybody suffering from #fomo was able to take a sigh of relief (to put a positive spin on it!). There were no concerts, festivals, road trips, birthday parties or even dinners out to worry about missing.

Or so I thought until I started hearing about all these great free online courses and theatre shows or seeing photos of beautifully baked cookies and inspiring homemade pieces of art. The world outside may have stopped, but people inside found creative ways to keep going, which once again triggered my #fomo symptoms.

Here's a list of things I have been trying to not miss out on during 2020 lockdown:

1. Online courses

You may have never thought of taking a course on The Rise of Buddhism or Shakespeare's Othello but Harvard University is offering them for free, so you might as well!

Here's a list of 450 Ivy League courses that could be taken for free these days- one too many for anyone trying not to miss out on anything, I know.

There's also Udemy where courses are currently heavily discounted. I signed up for the business one, but maybe The Ethics of Eating is one that we will all need when lockdown is over!

2. Home workouts

I swear I was planning to start going to the gym when they suddenly decided to close them all down! But that did not discourage me as it brought about a wave of home workout-ers and I did not want to be left behind.

As the most un-cardio person in our household I chose yoga (again lots of free or discounted apps!) but of course you may prefer to challenge yourself and improvise with your equipment like this guy ;)

3. Cooking and baking

That one is to make sure we sometimes actually do the home workout! That is if what you put in the oven is suitable for eating at the end of course.

I personally achieved average success with some cookies and a few fresh pasta attempts not worthy of photos, but many of my friends seem to have discovered their inner MasterChef!

If you are like me and have not produced anything spectacular in the kitchen, have a look at this selection of failed baking attempts that are truly hilarious and will make you feel like a pro :)

4. Online concerts and theatre

You may not be the biggest fan of John Legend but you now have the unique chance to watch him sing live at his home, so why miss it ;) But no, seriously, there are dozens of online performances taking place each day, so we can take our culture doze in a safe, socially distant manner.

Here's a link to a live stream of music events that could brighten your coronavirus day!

And there is also the opportunity to tap into the world West End or Broadway from the comfort of your home.

5. Reading a good book

And finally there is the opportunity to go offline and read that good book we have all been planning to read for a while.

I personally have finally started reading The Wheel of Time fantasy series, knowing that 14 massive books will have me covered for as long as the lockdown lasts! :)

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